Our Services

Tubing Conveyed Perforating

Using the latest advances in explosives and TCP hardware, combined with the most up to date computer software and informative graphics, we offer error free TCP completions.

Wireline Perforating

With our full range of perforating guns and charges, we are able to offer any type of guns to fit your needs. From RTG, Sho-guns and ERHSC with densities to fit your application.

Temperature & Noise Logging

Noise/Temperature logging is truly an art form that we at Summit have perfected. From Cement Top Logs to Surface Casing Vent Leaks, our well-trained personnel and our integrated computer software is leading the industry. No more waiting for results out in the field, our software automatically takes the data collected from the noise tool and converts it to a generic wave file. These files can then be played back on any PC-based computer, and with this advanced technology we no longer have to guess when interpreting logs.

Radial Bond Logging

Summit Wireline offers the latest technology in the Cement Bond Logging field. With our combination of skilled personnel and our on-board oscilloscope, Summit Wireline offers the most accurate information possible which is key when finding small channels and voids in the cement.

Production Logging

Summit Wireline Inc. has a vast array of production logging tools available including gradio, spinner flow meter and XYZ caliper. Summit Wireline, along with our professionals, offers you the best in the field.

E-Coil Logging

Our full catalogue of logging services can be performed on wells with any degree of deviation or horizontal.

High Temperature Logging

We offer our temperature logging services in temperatures ranging up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit (260°C).